A digital sales conversion system for the AI era.

RevX is a tech company that harnesses digital marketing and data to complete your sales cycle faster.
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Pay only for your leads.

We fund the marketing budget for our clients, and provide quality leads and sales.

We go where no one else does – our value-add risk model means that you only pay for leads and acquisitions, not marketing campaigns.

We are able to do this because the RevX platform is constantly gathering consumer behaviour data. RevX is able to move your campaign with the trend, and accurately follow the hot spots in uptake.

We do the data, and you do the sales. The RevX model delivers high quality leads that turn into purchases.


If risk models aren’t for you, we can create your campaign the old-fashioned way. The RevX platform and sales funnel is available at a fixed rate.


We are a technology company.

Our model seeks out precise leads through a bespoke distribution channel, and introduces leads to a fully automated conversion bot that gets your consumer across the line, without the need of call centre agents. This process takes mere minutes of your consumers’ time, and returns real increases in sales.

1. Lead

We provide leads through bespoke digital channels that gets filtered, verified and validated to make sure that the leads are of the highest quality and that each user journey is tailored for your specific product.

2. Bot

Our AI bot is build from individually for each customer to make sure that the bot creates the best environment for leads or sales depending on your product.

3. Sale

Integrating directly with our customers infrastructure or even building unique sales funnels revX can track and focus on the real metric that matters.

Who We Are

Bespoke digital distribution.

Our primary goal is an increase on ROI. RevX focuses on a return on ad spend, and simultaneousley seeks to reduce acquisition costs through data profiling and machine learning. We aim to offer a “never off” solution that not only hypertargets ads to relevant consumers, but allows them to complete the sales journey through an AI Bot – thus allowing the deal to be closed 24 hours a day.




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The Head Office is based in the United Kingdom, with operating companies in South Africa, Singapore, and Greece.

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